Services - Quality Assurance

SCL has a skilled QA Audit team, which coordinates and performs quality assurance audits, surveillances and design/build reviews. Systems Consulting participates in the review of submittals as requested in support of the audits design deliverables at major milestones in the project Plan. SCL also develops audit checklists, perform audits of related design and construction program activities, audits design technical specifications and responds in real time to any questions or issues that may arise regarding QA activities.

SCL also has numerous quality assurance managers on staff. They are responsible for oversight of Quality Assurance Programs, including providing timely clarification of the QA/QC interests, facilitating the development of the Quality Management Plan (QMP) and continuous assessment (through management assessments and similar processes) of design and construction operations, and verification of the state of compliance of the associated Quality Assurance Plans in each of the independent project phases. SCL's quality managers obtain and maintain ISO 9001:2008e certifications under concession agreements as well.

To ensure that standards are maintained, we conduct fact-finding investigations, prepare statistical analyses to verify compliance with various laws, file reports of findings and compliance, recommend quality improvements, and assist clients in establishing standards to meet quality requirements. All quality assurance engineers and inspectors are trained in the applicable laws or inspection procedures.