Tacoma to Lakewood Track and Signal Improvements CMC, Lakewood Layover Yard and Lakewood Station

Tacoma, Washington

Project Type

Commuter Rail, Facility, Structure, Light Rail, Design/ CM

SCL Project Role

Civil/Signal Inspectors and Scheduling (QC?)

Project Description

The Tacoma to Lakewood Track and Signal Improvements project involves the construction of a new commuter rail facility in Lakewood, WA. This facility includes new train storage tracks, standby Head End Power supply, crew building and parking lot, stormwater infiltration facility, and property acquisition.

Our client’s mission was to conduct an external review of the Washington Department of Transportation’s (WSDOT) Regional Transportation Investment District (RTID) project cost estimates in order to provide the best available estimate of cost in order to maximize the use of RTID funds while ensuring that projects will not overrun estimates.

Scope of Work

Working collaboratively with Sound Transit, SCL was responsible for performing various construction-related tasks. This included construction inspection, field rail inspection, and station crossing reviews. Additionally, SCL provided estimating services and generated comprehensive reports and schedules. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of diverse project tasks and agency requirements, we maintained a high level of responsiveness to work orders and efficiently deployed our staff. SCL also assumed the responsibility of office administration and management, and we assigned senior cost estimating team leaders for the RTID project. Serving as an integral part of the core team, our services encompassed utility location expertise, transportation specialists, project management, and administration. SCL took charge of securing the project office location in downtown Seattle and efficiently set up office systems, networks, internet access, and office management for the prime contractor.