Sound Transit South 200th Link Extension Parking Garage, Design-Build

Seattle, Washington

Project Type

Civil, Light Rail, Parking Garage, Design Build

SCL Project Role

Quality Assurance Manager

Project Description

The South 200th Link Extension Parking Garage project aimed to provide a new 1050 vehicle capacity parking garage and public plaza adjacent to the new South 200th Link Light Rail Station in the City of SeaTac, Washington. Once completed, this development offered convenient and efficient transportation options for riders. With frequent service from the Angle Lake Station, commuters had easy access to SeaTac International airport, downtown Seattle, and the University of Washington. The addition of the parking garage and public plaza provided a seamless and enjoyable experience for passengers, improving connectivity and accessibility within the city.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for the South 200th Link Extension Parking Garage project included a comprehensive range of tasks. SCL was responsible for conducting a thorough 75% Design Audit, ensuring the quality and compliance of the design at that stage. In addition, SCL provided essential Quality Training to equip project team members with the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain high standards throughout the project. SCL played a crucial role in the Final Design phase by reviewing and providing valuable input on the design plans, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and project specifications. The team diligently monitored Quality Manuals to ensure adherence to established quality control procedures, maintaining consistency and accuracy. To oversee and manage the project’s quality assurance aspects, SCL appointed a dedicated QA Manager, responsible for implementing and monitoring the necessary quality control measures throughout the project’s lifecycle. Various QA/QC services were performed by SCL, including inspections, audits, and reviews, to promptly address any potential quality-related issues. The goal was to ensure that the South 200th Link Extension Parking Garage project met the highest quality standards and delivered a successful outcome.