Sound Transit Sounder Commuter Rail Finalization of Preliminary Engineering Design Lakewood to Tacoma

Tacoma, Washington

Project Type

Civil, Commuter Rail, Design

SCL Project Role

Project Control

Project Description

Sound Transit identified a need for a track and signals design consultant to revise the initial preliminary engineering of the Sounder Commuter Rail Lakewood to Tacoma Design Project. There were various key elements included in this project such as the signal design for train control and grade crossings as well as roadway crossing designs necessary for new crossings. In addition, many railroad track revisions required accommodations to the commuter and freight rail joint operation.

Scope of Work

SCL was responsible for project controls on the Sounder Commuter Rail Finalization of Preliminary Engineering from Lakewood to Tacoma, Washington Design Project. Primary responsibilities included document control, scheduling, estimating and quality assurance plan development. As the project control specialist working alongside Sound Transit, SCL helped in the design for the South 100th Street layover yard site in Lakewood.