Sound Transit Northgate Link Light Rail & Tunnel Final Design

Seattle, Washington

Project Type

Tunnels, Elevated Guideway, Commuter Rail, Light Rail, Link, Design

SCL Project Role

Quality Assurance Managers

Project Management Controls

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Project Description

The Northgate Light Rail and Tunnel Final Design project extends the Central Link light rail from Seattle’s University District to the Northgate neighborhood, aiming to enhance commute efficiency and increase transit capacity to the highest ridership corridor in the region. By connecting downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill, the University District, and Northgate, this transformative project improves accessibility and fosters economic vitality. Three strategically positioned stations – Brooklyn, Roosevelt, and Northgate – serve as vital transit hubs, providing seamless connectivity between these urban centers.

Scope of Work

SCL provided comprehensive Quality Assurance management for the project, including project management/control (PMC) and Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) services. They developed the consultant team’s Final Design Quality Manual (FDQM), conducted FDQM process audits, and reviewed interdisciplinary coordination plans for each contract package. SCL also provided training, monthly progress reports, and updates, and contributed to completion letters. They ensured design document references complied with safety and security criteria at 60%, 90%, and 100% milestones.

As quality assurance managers, our team’s subject matter experts played a crucial role in addressing noise and vibration concerns related to the tunnel beneath the University of Washington Medical Center. Document controllers were responsible for project deliverables, reference documents, and quality records, including standards, manuals, drawings, specifications, reports, and meeting minutes. We processed audits, provided reports, and offered design document references for Safety and Security Criteria Conformance Checklist items at key milestones.