Sound Transit Interim Link Light Rail Construction Safety Specialist

Seattle, Washington

Project Type

Civil, Light Rail, Safety, Construction, Safety Design 2004

SCL Project Role

Construction Safety Specialist

Project Description

Scope of Work

Working in collaboration with Sound Transit, SCL closely monitored and reviewed the work carried out by consultants, suppliers, and contractors involved in the project. Their additional support services included providing expertise in engineering, construction management, OSHA inspections, compliance verification, construction inspection, environmental remediation, environmental monitoring, and hazmat identification. SCL was primarily responsible for the development and implementation of safety procedures, as well as conducting safety training for the project’s personnel. They diligently monitored safety programs and documentation, ensuring compliance with regulations and best practices. Furthermore, SCL played a crucial role in the review of construction safety plans, investigation reports, and the approval of construction safety plans and job hazard analyses. They also conducted regular OSHA compliance inspections and performed meticulous submittal reviews. Through their comprehensive involvement, SCL ensured a safe working environment and facilitated the successful implementation of the Interim Link Light Rail project.