Sound Transit I-405, Totem Lake/NE 128th St, HOV Direct Access/Freeway Station, WSDOT

Totem Lake, Washington

Project Type

Quality Assurance Oversight

SCL Project Role

Quality Assurance Oversight

Project Description

This project provides for direct access ramps, exclusively for transit, HOV, and carpool use, connecting the 128th St. Bridge over I-405. The work also included a freeway station for passenger access to transit, City of Kirkland roadway improvements along with ramp and mainline freeway improvements on I-405. Construction of the new ramp involved widening the inside pavement each direction on I-405, constructing MSE, solder pile, and reinforcing concrete walls, paving, channelization, signage, and other work as necessary, all-in accordance with the plans, specifications, and the Standard Provisions.

Scope of Work

In collaboration with Sound Transit, SCL played a key role in providing project management services for a comprehensive project that involved facilities, retaining walls, interstate highways, arterial roads, and bridges. As the Independent Quality Assurance Auditor, SCL conducted Quality Assurance Audits, performed project management interviews, facilitated meetings, quality assurance audits, generating comprehensive reports and produced detailed reports. Additionally, SCL conducted thorough quality assurance audits to ensure compliance and quality throughout the project as well as thoroughly assessed various aspects of the project, verifying compliance with quality requirements and project specifications making valuable contributions to the successful implementation of the new ramp construction and overall project.