Sound Transit Downtown Redmond Link Extension DBFOM

Redmond, Washington

Project Type

Link light rail stations, Rail, Transit

SCL Project Role

Independent Quality Assurance Management / Document Control

Project Description

The Downtown Redmond Link Extension is extending the light rail for 3.4 miles and adding two new light rail stations by 2024. These new light rail stations will be in southeast Redmond and the downtown residential neighborhood area. This supports the high-capacity transit that has already occurred in areas such as Overlake, Southeast Redmond, and Downtown Redmond and will include preliminary engineering, system installation, guideway, station and garage construction and surveillance. These light rails will provide easy access to the SR 520 trail helping to connect Redmond to the region through faster and more efficient travel in preparation for opening in 2023.

Scope of Work

SCL provided both a Quality Verification (QV) Manager and Document Controls (DC) for this job. Our QV Manager to oversaw and manages the Quality Verification processes in collaboration with the DB Contractor, Sound Transit and third-party agencies. Our QV Manager prepared a Quality Management Plan (QMP) and performed Quality Trainings to all teams throughout the project. Our DC team performed document control management and administrative support, including processing of contract documents, invoices, submittals, change orders, RFIs, etc.