Sound Transit Capital Programs, Federal Way HOV Access/ S 317th St. WSDOT

Federal Way, Washington

Project Type

Civil, Structural, Bridge, Ramps, Interstate, Highway, Facilities, HOV Design

SCL Project Role

Quality Assurance Oversight | Independent Quality Oversight

Project Description

The Federal Way HOV Access/S 317th St. project provided for improvements of I-5 in south King County, Mile Post (MP) 143.25 to MP 144.74 by constructing a direct access ramp from South 317th, the connection from Federal Way Transit Center and Park and Ride Facility into the HOV lanes of I-5. This project also adds HOV lanes and improves positions of I-5 within project limits. The work included clearing, grubbing, grading, drainage, storm sewers, asphalt and concrete pavement removal. Paving with hot mix asphalt and concrete, dowel bar retrofit, grinding, construction of structural earth and reinforced concrete retaining walls, construction of S 317th St. under crossing, widening of bridge 5/506E, erosion control and planting, curb, curb and gutter, permanent signing, landscaping, permanent and temporary illumination, traffic signals, ITS, traffic control, and other related improvements.

Scope of Work

As the Quality Assurance Auditor, SCL was responsible for providing independent Quality Oversight services for Sound Transit’s Capital Projects program. Our role involved conducting audits of design deliverables at major milestones in the project plan, specifically at 60%, 90%, and 100% completion stages. The project encompassed various elements such as structures, off ramps, interstate highways, arterial roads, retaining walls, and bridges. SCL audited the design deliverables, ensuring compliance with quality standards and project requirements. Our scope of work included project management activities, conducting comprehensive quality assurance audits, and generating detailed reports. We utilized a checklist to systematically assess the design deliverables and provided thorough reports summarizing our findings and recommendations. Through our expertise in quality assurance, SCL contributed to the overall success and quality of Sound Transit’s Capital Projects program.