Sound Transit On-Call Systems Quality Assurance Services

Seattle, Washington

Project Type

Civil, Structural, Trains, Stations, Transit, Light Rail, Facilities (OMF)

SCL Project Role

Prime Consultant

Systems Quality Assurance Manager (Surveillance & Auditing)

Project Description

The On-Call Systems Quality Assurance Services project encompasses Sound Transit’s various Link Light Rail extension projects throughout the Puget Sound. These projects embody the next phases for building the transit infrastructure and facilities that continue to modernize, develop, and expand public transportation access throughout the Northwest region. Such Link Light Rail extension projects include, but are not limited to, East Link, Northgate Link, Lynnwood Link, Federal Way Link, and Redmond Link.

SCL was selected to perform independent Quality Assurance Oversight on behalf of Sound Transit’s Capital Projects Program.

Scope of Work

SCL performs and reports on selected audits and surveillance services of design and construction projects within the Sound Transit Capital Projects Program to ensure the design consultants and contractors meet the requirements of their contract with Sound Transit and of their Design or Construction QMP elements. Our team reviews the design consultant’s Design Quality Management Plan (QMP) and the contractor’s Construction QMP for compliance with Sound Transit requirements as detailed in the QAPP, DQP, CQP, and related Agency documentation and provide the consulting team with specific revision recommendations.

Our team performs and reports on assigned QA oversight activities, including design reviews,
audits and surveillances of the software field installation and testing of Supervisory Control and Data
Acquisition, Building Management System, and Train Control System communications system equipment.
The purpose of the QA design reviews audits and surveillances is to determine the systems design consultant’s and construction contractor’s level of compliance and acceptability for the implementation for the applicable contract document requirements, and for the quality and implementation of their respective