LA Metro Regional Connector 1st/Central Station (Little Tokyo) Improvement Project

Los Angeles, California

SCL Project Roles

Project Management, Scheduling and Cost Estimating

Project Description

The 1st & Central Station (Little Tokyo) Improvement Project involves the installation of rail crossing gates as well as utilizing standard rail crossing equipment and Metro Light rail crossings. With the Regional Connector’s direct connection across Los Angeles County, residents can easily access Downtown Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo and Arts District communities contributing to the thousands of visitors flowing each day into these two neighborhoods. The station was moved underground and across the street to the southeast corner of 1st Street and Central Avenue as part of the Regional Connector Transit Project, making these two historically rich and vibrant neighborhoods easily accessible. This project will provide safe and efficient access across neighboring roadways, delineating clear pedestrian paths, providing for development and transit facility security and general wayfinding in a complex environment. It will also be important to enhance the local neighborhood character to provide comfortable pedestrian access to the major civic and commercial sites around the Station, such as Little Tokyo.

Scope of Work

SCL was hired to provide a detailed construction and work sequencing schedule reflecting the design approach at each significant milestone, including development of construction cost estimates at the 65% and 90% design phases of the project. SCL conducted a review of the client’s design documentation of compatibility with the project budget. Our team of subject matter experts utilized a variety of tools during the design and construction phases to provide the team with project cost data, broken out in recognizable increments, for use in evaluating and ensuring the project is managed to the current approved budget.