LA Metro Quality Management Oversight Program (QMO)

Los Angeles, California

Project Type

Aviation, Transit

SCL Project Role

Quality Assessors

Project Description

Metro’s Quality Management Program will develop, implement, and manage a Quality Management Oversight (QMO) System. Training of employees and other personnel affected by this QMO System will also be needed as well as development of supporting tools. The Airport Metro Connector (AMC) and the Purple Line Extensions 2 & 3 have been selected as the first projects to implement this system. In addition, this QMO system will be applied to all other major capital improvement projects once the program has been proven effective.

Scope of Work

SCL is tasked to conduct systematically scheduled, risk-based quality assessments for the Purple Line Extension (Section 2 and 3) and the Airport Metro Connector (AMC) projects. Our Quality Assessor verifies the projects compliance with the owner’s internal quality requirements and FTA guidelines, attends progress project meetings, supports the Lead Quality Assessor with requirements management, and training of project staff. Additionally, within this program SCL supported in the efforts toward the QMC Program Development and provided QMS subject matter experts to assist with QMS development as well as internal audit support and Metro project specific QMO staff.