LA Metro Quality Management Consultant (QMC) Program Development

Los Angeles, California

Project Type

Aviation, Transit

SCL Project Role

Quality & Project Assessors

Project Description

Metro’s Quality Management Consultant Program is to assist in the development, implementation, and
monitoring of activities for the Quality Management Oversight (QMO) Program in accordance with Metro’s QMO Plan and Procedures. The Program is to identify the required changes to Metro’s current approach to Quality Management and incorporate the desired performance based QMO approach and provide services in developing and implementing an ISO 9001:2015 based Quality Management Oversight (QMO) Program for Metro’s transit projects.

Scope of Work

As a certified DBE, SBE, and MWBE firm, SCL provided QMS subject matter expertise to assist with the QMO Program development as the quality and project assessor as well as internal and project audit support. Additionally, SCL was tasked to support the QMO Program Process Assessments and report to the Project Lead Assessor and provide process and management system audits, assist PM and CM teams in construction audits and design verification.