King County West Point Treatment Plant Waste-to-Energy Project

Seattle, Washington

Project Type

Civil, Wastewater Treatment, Utilities, CM

SCL Project Role

Construction Management, Project Management & Document Controls

Project Description

WTD began construction on a new cogeneration system at the plant designed to convert digester gas, a natural byproduct of the solids treatment process, into a source of heat and electricity for plant operations. This $15 million project was funded in part by an $8.2 million grant from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. When the new cogeneration system is complete, it will produce about 23,000 Megawatt-hours of electricity each year, which is equivalent to the electricity needed to power nearly 2,300 homes.

Scope of Work

SCL worked in conjunction with the prime to provide construction management, document and record compliance controls and verification. In addition, SCL helped develop cost reviews, and validate adherence to Quality Assurance requirements.

SCL’s responsibilities were project management, delivering updates on monthly progress reporting, attending team progress meetings, scheduling reviews / impacts, creating the baseline schedule, preparing monthly schedule updates, producing an earned value report, and providing document management services.