King County Sunset Heathfield Pump Station CM

Project Type

Civil, Wastewater, Utilities, Pumpstation and CM

SCL Project Role

Document Control & IT Systems Administration

Project Description

The Sunset Heathfield project serves to upgrade the capacity of the Sunset and Heathfield pumping stations. The previous peak capacity was approximately 18 million gallons per day (mgd) which represents an estimated 5–10-year peak flow level of service which is well below the 20-year peak flow design standard stated in the Regional Wastewater Services Plan (RWSP) conveyance policies. The project increased the pumping capacity of the stations to as much as 30 mgd. The work included replacing the existing 12″ force main with a 24″ force main, upgrading both pump stations by replacing all pumps as well as replacing all mechanical and electrical equipment, HVAC, and instrumentation and controls.

Scope of Work

SCL’s document controllers provided appropriate documentation, document management and control services and on-call electrical inspection services. In addition to document controls, SCL provided electrical inspection services to the pump stations upon request. With King County’s support and extensive knowledge, SCL was able to enhance and improve the user experience. This project was awarded for sustainable infrastructure, new higher capacity vertical, force main upgrades and novel oxygen injection.