King County Information Systems Frame Relay Cost Analysis

Seattle, WA

Project Type


SCL Project Role

Cost Analyst

Project Description

Our client’s mission was to award a long-term frame relay service contract to one supplier and to determine whether the prices proposed by the listed companies were in compliance within the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and King County contracting guidelines.

Scope of Work

Partnered with King County, SCL conducted an independent price and cost analysis. SCL performed preliminary evaluations to ensure compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations and King County guidelines, assessing whether the prices met the required standards. They rendered an independent analysis of the project pricing. Upon completing the analysis, the SCL analyst provided final recommendations for negotiations and identified potential cost savings. The analysis involved various aspects, such as comparing previous prices paid, comparing vendor prices with in-house estimates, evaluating quotations and published price lists from multiple vendors, and comparing with commercial prices. SCL also examined materials costs, labor costs, equipment, and overhead. As part of their work, they established objectives for contract negotiations, made recommendations based on their findings, and met with consultants and contractors. SCL further provided a time-impact analysis and presented their findings, measuring the outcome of the negotiations.