King County Fremont Siphon Replacement Project

Seattle, WA

Project Type

Civil, Wastewater, Water, Utilities, CM, Design

SCL Project Role

Document Management Services

Project Description

King County replaced the Fremont Siphon, a major culvert pipe running underneath the Ship Canal between Fremont and Queen Anne. The Fremont Siphon had provided safe, reliable sewer service to north Seattle and other cities in north King County for decades. Sewage and stormwater from more than 100 square miles passed through the Fremont Siphon every year to be cleaned and safely discharged at the County’s treatment plant in Magnolia. The existing Siphon was nearly 100 years old and had reached the end of its service life. The new pipes ensured that north Seattle and northern King County continued to enjoy safe, reliable sewer provisions for years.

Scope of Work

System’s Consulting, LLC provided Document Management services for the Freemont Siphon Project team. SCL prepared invoices and monthly progress reports, including the outline of work completed during the reporting period and work scheduled for the next period. SCL attended weekly meetings and provided documentation. They set up and maintained the construction project filing system using the County’s filing system index. SCL also provided change order administration and commissioned start-up and post-construction documentation.