King County Cedar Hill Landfills Closure Area 6

Seattle, WA

Project Type

Civil, Solid Waste, Landfill, Utilities, Project Management, Public Works, CM

SCL Project Role

Project Manager & Document Management

Project Description

The King County Solid Waste Division (SWD) operates the only remaining landfill in King County, the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill. Located outside of Seattle and spanning 920 acres, this landfill is owned and operated by the SWD. With an annual intake of over 800,000 tons of solid waste, the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill plays a vital role in waste management. The project entails the closure of Area 6 within the landfill, and the SWD is actively engaged in construction management services to achieve this goal. By implementing comprehensive design services for the staged closure, the SWD aims to optimize the long-term sustainability and environmental impact of the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill. It’s important to note that the landfill is not open to the general public for garbage disposal; instead, it serves as a controlled facility managed by the SWD. The SWD’s commitment to responsible waste management practices underscores their dedication to protecting the environment, preserving natural resources, and promoting a cleaner, healthier future for King County and its residents.

Scope of Work

Working alongside King County, SCL served as the project manager for the Cedar Hills Landfill Closure Area 6 project. Various responsibilities included project, scheduling and document management services along with review of engineering final designs through the preconstruction, construction, and final construction phases. SCL also provided primary support related to for the construction management which include preparation of the constructability reviews, field office administration, construction administration plan, maintenance of construction schedules, cost estimation and document control. Additionally, SCL managed all daily inspection logs, RFI’s, and submittal processing as well as provided communications to the construction team and the King County Project Manager of the project status.