King County Bow Lake Transfer Station

Kent, Washington

Project Type

Civil, Structures, Facilities, Transfer Station, Solid Waste, Utilities, CM

SCL Project Role

Quality Assurance

Project Description

This King County Solid Waste Division (KCSWD) $80M project involves an 8.9-acre expansion to the north of the existing station on adjacent property currently owned by Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). The new structures include a transfer building, transfer trailer yard, recycling and yard waste facilities, internal roadways retaining walls, subterranean structures, parking areas and associated utilities with outcomes of improved operational efficiency, compliance with current building and environmental standards, customer and employee safety improvements, and preparation for eventual out-of county export. The station seeks to achieve a LEED Gold rating.

Scope of Work

SCL worked in conjunction with King County to provide schedules, track quality in electrical and mechanical engineering. In addition, SCL’s work towards expansion improvements included performance of document and record compliance verification, checklist review development, and project management services to ensure optimal efficiency throughout the project. SCL also was responsible for materials procurement and validating adherence to Quality Assurance requirements.