King County Electronic Court Record (ECR) Services Cost Analysis

Seattle, WA

Project Type

Procurement, Cost Analysis

SCL Project Role

Cost Analyst/Evaluator

Project Description

Scope of Work

SCL was contracted by King County to conduct a detailed cost evaluation to determine whether the proposed prices were in compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and King County contracting guidelines. SCL evaluated the proposed vendor cost, carefully assessing whether the price and overall cost adhered to the FAR and King County guidelines. Additionally, SCL conducted an independent analysis of the project cost and pricing, ensuring accuracy and integrity. Upon completion of the analysis, the SCL analyst provided final recommendations for negotiations, aiming to achieve cost savings for the project. SCL actively engaged with consultants and contractors, holding meetings to discuss the analysis and gather valuable insights as well as presented their findings in a detailed report, providing a clear overview of the cost evaluation process and its outcomes.