EDS Pre-proposal Management Consulting Services

Seattle, WA

Project Type

Management Consulting Services

SCL Project Role

Pre-proposal Management Consulting Services

Project Description

Scope of Work

Systems Consulting, LLC was contracted by EDS to deliver pre-proposal management consulting services aimed at designing a winning proposal team strategy for a major project in the Seattle, Washington area. The services provided by Systems Consulting, LLC encompassed pre-proposal management consulting, including making presentations to EDS upper management at their corporate office in Plano, Texas. During these presentations, Systems Consulting, LLC presented various strategic approaches, which were well received, implemented, and acted upon by EDS. Additionally, Systems Consulting, LLC conducted a comprehensive proposal critique and provided recommendations. They also conducted a cost model reasonableness test, a Northwest Demographic study, and performed document research. Furthermore, Systems Consulting, LLC monitored Northwest activities and analyzed multiple jurisdictions proposing methodologies. They identified common revenue generating activities specific to the Northwest region and made recommendations for strategic planning meetings and events. The team at Systems Consulting, LLC also conducted extensive research on project information and critical data to facilitate informed management decisions.