Denver RTD FasTrack’s Eagle P3 Rail Extension DBFOM

Denver, Colorado

Project Type

Commuter Rail, Light Rail, Bridges, People Movers

SCL Project Role

Quality Management Support Services


ISO 9001:2008e registration

Project Description

The Eagle P3 Project was a comprehensive transportation initiative that involved the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of multiple electrified commuter rail lines spanning over 36 miles. It encompassed a total of 15 stations, including the FasTracks hub at Denver Union Station (DUS), along with a state-of-the-art commuter rail maintenance facility. The commuter rail corridors were fully operational, providing convenient transportation options to commuters. The East Rail Line connected DUS to Denver International Airport (DIA), while the Gold Line connected DUS to Arvada/Wheat Ridge. Additionally, a segment of the Northwest Rail Line extended to Westminster. The project showcased various facilities, including dual tracks, bridges, rolling stock, parking areas, retaining walls, and structures. It served as a testament to the commitment to enhance transportation infrastructure and promote efficient commuter rail services in the region. The Eagle P3 Project consisted of electrified commuter rail over 36 miles, with a total of 15 stations, including the FasTracks hub at Denver Union Station (DUS), and a commuter rail maintenance facility. The total capital cost of the Eagle P3 Project was $2.1 billion.

The project included the East Rail Line between Denver Union Station (DUS) and Denver International Airport (DIA), the Gold Line between DUS and Arvada/Wheat Ridge, and a segment of the Northwest Rail Line to Westminster. The East Rail Line and the Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility had already received notice to proceed with construction. All corridors were scheduled for opening in 2016.

Scope of Work

SCL’s Quality Team, comprising the Project Quality Manager (PQM), Deputy PQM, and Quality Assurance Advisor (QAA), were assigned to the project. SCL’s primary role was to serve as the Quality Assurance Advisor (QAA), providing Oversight Verification for the Project across all stages, from design to maintenance. SCL acted as advisors to the DTP Project Director and supported subordinate Program Management Compliance Oversight. Key responsibilities included ISO development, delivering updates on monthly progress reporting, attending Design Team progress meetings, reviewing the Interdisciplinary Coordination Plan for each contract package, and providing reports and inputs for completion letters. SCL’s reporting structure involved directly reporting to the EPC Project Director and closely collaborating with the RTD Quality Manager. The QAA played a critical role in facilitating ISO development, ensuring project management compliance, and overseeing quality assurance activities.

Additionally, SCL assumed the responsibility of overseeing the overall compliance status of DTP (Design, Build, Finance, Operation, and Maintenance) and collaborated with the DTC (Design Team Coordinator) and DTS (Design Team Subcontractor) Quality Assurance Managers. SCL actively engaged in preventing, detecting, correcting, recording, and tracking potentially non-compliant QA/QC activities. They conducted continuous verification to ensure the effective implementation of corrective actions within the project functions.

SCL also conducted quality audits during various phases, achieving a significant milestone by becoming the first project of its delivery method in the United States to be ISO registered. This accomplishment exemplifies SCL’s unwavering commitment to excellence and highlights the project’s dedication to upholding rigorous quality standards.