City of Tacoma Broadway Local Improvement District (LID), Phase 3

Tacoma, Washington

Project Type

Transportation, Roads, LID, Utilities, CM, Civil

SCL Project Role


Project Description

‚ÄčThe Tacoma Broadway Local Improvement District (LID) includes portions of Market Street and St. Helens Avenue, between South 9th and South 7th Streets, together with portions of Broadway from South 9th Street northward towards South 2nd Street. The area underwent improvements including reconstruction and repair of sidewalks, ornamental street lighting and landscaping; construction of surface water, wastewater and water main utility replacement and undergrounding of overhead utility wires.

Scope of Work

SCL played a crucial role as the Scheduler, responsible for conducting schedule reviews and generating reports. Our primary objective was to assess the soundness of the current schedule, review any variations from the planned start/finish dates, and ensure that it accurately represented the original plan, including only the approved change orders and recovery plans as specified. SCL performed thorough comparisons using schedule specifications and the contractor’s original approved baseline schedule as well as provided valuable insights into the project’s schedule integrity. Additionally, SCL produced monthly schedule updates, allowing for effective tracking and monitoring of project progress.