SDOT West Seattle High Rise Bridge Replacement

Seattle, WA

Project Type:

Bridge, Design, Transit

SCL Project Role:

Document Controls

Project Description

Due to the West Seattle High Rise Bridge’s deterioration, the City of Seattle orchestrated a replacement project which resulted in the bridge’s closure of travel for all users. Currently, the bridge’s structure is being monitored to develop a replacement design so repairs can be made upon re-opening.

This bridge is the City’s top arterial by volume, typically carrying an average of over 100,000 cars, trucks and buses every week. The bridge’s deterioration at an accelerated rate required a full closure for the safety of all users. Since that time, SDOT has continued to inspect and monitor the structure. There is a currently a design and construction team working on the necessary steps to stabilize the structure and reduce the risk of failure. Next steps are to separately investigate a repair to the bridge for opening to traffic and to develop a replacement design. This contract is intended to provide a comprehensive engineering team to design a replacement of the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge. ​  

Scope of Work

As the document controller, SCL was responsible for project document controls, coordinating with project teams and providing all required documentation.

This team will work in conjunction with SDOT’s West Seattle High-Rise Bridge delivery team, led by SDOT’s project manager. The scope of work includes structural, civil, marine, geotechnical and demolition design, environmental/permitting, planning, traffic engineering and analysis, grant writing services, construction phasing and constructability, real property, architectural, mechanical & electrical, communications, and project management expertise necessary to lead the team through all phases of delivery. This project is expected to be delivered under an accelerated schedule and an alternate delivery method construction contract (that has yet to be selected). This team will be expected to help identify the preferred delivery strategy and will be central to delivering this method, in conjunction with a contractor to be procured at a later date. This work will require extensive communication and coordination with stakeholders, partners (such as the Sound Transit and the Port), and elected officials, including a project specific Technical Advisory Panel, and other consultants and contractors. It is anticipated that the work under this contract will be phased through multiple phases, and may include but is not limited to phases for planning type, size and location (TS&L), design, and design support during construction at SDOT’s discretion. The scope of work as listed here is not exhaustive, additional scopes of work may be needed to support the full spectrum of design and construction needs.  

  • Alternatives/Analysis/Planning 
  • ​Structural Bridge  
  • ​Civil Engineering  
  • ​Electrical Engineering 
  • ​Mechanical Engineering 
  • ​Architecture 
  • ​Marine Design 
  • ​Environmental and Permitting including Army Corps of Engineer, US Coast Guard, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Tribes, Freight Community, and Sound Transit. 
  • ​Right-of-Way services 
  • ​Survey 
  • ​Planning  
  • ​Traffic Analysis 
  • ​Geotechnical Engineering 
  • ​Project Management 
  • ​Communications (note lead Outreach services will be procured under a separate RFQ) 
  • ​Grant Writing Services 
  • ​Construction Phasing  
  • ​Constructability 
  • ​Real Property Services​