Sound Transit Mechanical Critical and Catastrophic Items List (C/CILS)

Seattle, WA

Project Type

Light Rail Operations / Maintenance 2009

SCL Project Role

Project Description

Scope of Work

Systems Consulting, LLC was contracted by Sound Transit to provide full-time audit staff and engineers for the purpose of conducting an audit of the Mechanical Critical and Catastrophic Items List (C/CILS). During the period from March 9, 2008, to April 17, 2009, SCL performed a range of services aimed at addressing and resolving issues identified on the Critical and Catastrophic Issues List (CCILS), in support of Sound Transit’s pre-revenue service of the Link Light Rail Project for the Initial Segment and Airport Link (IS/AL).

SCL brought extensive expertise in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, as well as design, construction, operations, inspection, safety, process engineering, root cause analysis, statistical process controls, and technical project management. With a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, the SCL team successfully closed a total of 682 Critical and Catastrophic Issues and completed over 647 line items from the Critical and Catastrophic Issues List, which were organized according to the contract section.

Throughout the project, Systems Consulting, LLC applied their expertise in various areas. They thoroughly evaluated design documents, reviewed operating procedures, and analyzed contracts section by section. Additionally, the team conducted inspections, assessments, and root cause analyses to identify underlying issues contributing to critical and catastrophic problems.

By engaging in productive collaboration with consultants and contractors, SCL gathered valuable insights and input. Based on their findings, the team produced comprehensive reports that presented detailed analysis and recommendations for resolving the identified issues.