Sound Transit Link Light Rail University Link Permit Coordination

Seattle, WA

Project Type

Permit Coordination

SCL Project Role

Permit Coordinator Services

Project Description

Scope of Work

Systems Consulting, LLC provided permit coordination services for Sound Transit’s University Link Light Rail project. Throughout the project, Systems Consulting, LLC was readily available to assist and support ESA Adolfson and the Permits Administrator of Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail Civil Engineering Division. The primary project objective was to obtain a range of permits, including Master Use Permits (MUPs), Project Construction Permits (PCPs), Building, Building demolition, Electrical, Technical and Temporary Noise Variances, and Wastewater Discharge Authorizations. Systems Consulting, LLC took charge of preparing all necessary land use and construction-related permit applications in collaboration with local jurisdictions. Additionally, they actively participated in meetings involving Sound Transit, city authorities, state agencies, county representatives, and consultants. As part of their responsibilities, Systems Consulting, LLC compiled meeting notes, composed external memos, and handled related correspondence. Their role also encompassed coordinating the permits associated with the extensive aboveground and underground work in connection with the Light Rail University Link Project.