Sound Transit East Link I-90 Seattle to South Bellevue LRT Final Design

OWNER Sound Transit | LOCATION Seattle, WA | PROJECT TYPE Civil, Light Rail, Bridge, Marine, Tunnel, Station, Design

The responsibility of SCL as the Quality Assurance Manager includes Project Management, Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC).

Project Background

East Link is a regional transportation project that is part of a comprehensive long-term expansion of mass transit in the Puget Sound region. Once completed, East Link will connect the Eastside�s biggest population and employment centers with stations serving Seattle, Mercer Island, Bellevue, Bel-Red and Overlake in Redmond. By 2030, East Link will serve about 50,000 daily riders on one of the regions� most congested travel corridors. The Project includes approximately 6.9 miles of double-track Light Rail Transit (LRT) line and stations between the International District Station (IDS) located in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel (DSTT) and the I-90 Flyover (approximately the east end of the East Channel Bridge)includes:

As part of the design team, SCL provides quality assurance consulting services including audits, reviews, reports, and training.

Scope of Work